Admissions Welcome

Dear families,

Thank you for your interest in the International School of Hamburg. With more than 50 nationalities among our student body, we have formed a family-orientated school, always ready to welcome and support new members into our community. The ISH community is a very open and friendly place, and our teaching staff is always happy to have visitors peek into their classrooms and observe the exciting projects our students are working on. For new students and their families, the Admissions Office is usually the first point of contact with ISH and in some cases with Germany. 
I enjoy answering the enquiries that come in from around the world and will do my best to advise you on any questions you may have, whether they are about how to initiate the admissions process, the course options in Grades 9 or 10, the IB or MYP programmes, our extensive extra curricular activities, or simply about what the weather is like in Hamburg and to where you should live!

I understand the importance of providing incoming students and their parents with a positive transition experience and I am excited to share with you the wonderful experience that awaits you and your family at the International School of Hamburg.
As the main contact in the Admissions Office, I will gladly share my experience with you after being in Hamburg for over 20 years and having relocated as an expatriate myself, from Mexico City and prior to that from New York, Canada and Argentina. I know the importance of feeling welcome in a foreign culture and adjusting to different customs. I am happy to chat with you in any one of my five languages, whether it be French, Spanish, Italian, English or German. 

Every family is different and has a unique story to share. It would be my pleasure to hear yours, and to guide you as you explore the details that define the ISH experience.

Sincerely yours,

Catherine Bissonnet
Admissions Officer
International School of Hamburg


Catherine Bissonnet
Admissions Officer

International School of Hamburg
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