Welcome back!

We’d love to stay close to you and hope you feel the same way about us…

Here are a few options: 

  • Alumni Registration: Please use our Registration Form so we can update and complete our records and get in touch with you directly when we need to.
  • Website: The homepage of ishamburg.org now includes a news section and a calendar feed. Both tend to feature only the big highlights for those short on time.
  • Facebook: If you want to go into detail and really stay informed about what’s going on at ISH, follow our official FB Page. Please also consider joining our bustling FB Alumni Group to reconnect with your former schoolmates. 
  • Google+: Needless to say, ISH also has a Google+ page. You can still be among the first in our circles.
  • LinkedIn: We have 3 very active presences here: A Company Page, a University Page, and an Alumni Group. If you want to follow us on LinkedIn we recommend you use the University Page since it possesses special alumni features. We also very much recommend the Alumni Group, which already boasts several hundred members and counting.
  • Xing: On this German equivalent of LinkedIn you will find a Company Page and an Alumni Group. Alas due to resource constraints we won’t be able to give them much attention, though.
  • Youtube: ISH has its own Youtube Channel, which could always use a few additional subscribers. It’s the place to go for entertaining and insightful videos.  
  • Alumni Reunions: The last official Alumni Reunion took place in August 2015 as part of the Grand Opening of ISH’s fabulous new West Wing. August 28th, 2015 saw an evening boat tour for staff and alumni while the main event took place on the school grounds on August 29th. Visit http://ishamburg.org/community/news/ish-west-wing-open-now/ for an extensive review. The next reunion will be part of ISH’s 60th Anniversary celebrations in October 2017. There will be different festivities throughout the first week of October week followed by an official ceremony either on Friday, October 6 or on Saturday, October 7 2017. ISH Alumni are cordially invited to celebrate ISH's 60 years of existence. Please keep an eye out for updates.
  • Alumni Newsletter: You wonder why you’ve never received an alumni newsletter? That’s because there isn’t one (yet). Please bear with us.
  • Give Back or Get Involved: Do you feel the urge to give back by donating for school projects or through hands-on involvement? Then contact alumni@ishamburg.org

We hope to see you again soon; do stay in touch!


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