Early Childhood Centre at ISH has a new Primary 1 class.

As promised, the Early Childhood Centre at ISH has opened their doors to a new Primary 1 class. This class will be taught by Ms. Anja Dexter and our new classroom assistant, Ms. Kelly Swateridge, who joined us from the U.K. The new P1 class has only 10 students, from 7 nationalities coming as far as Singapore, Japan and the U.S.A. all busy enjoying their new space, which is cozily and warmly prepared to enhance creativity and learning through play. 

Ms. Dexter and her assistant, Ms. Swateridge are already working on an IPC topic of ‘Transportation’ where the kids will be exploring modes of transport by air, land and water.  
“I look forward to exploring these new topics with the kids in collaboration with the other P1 class of Ms. Frerker. The school facilities, equipment and materials come a long way to easing the learning process. We’ll be making our own vehicle models which is not only knowledge based but enhancing our little bodies motor skills and experimenting with waterways using the new water play area at the new ECC playground,” says Ms. Dexter. “Ooh!.. we’ll even throw in a musical! Alice in Wonderland!”

Soon they will be working on the theme of ‘Animals’ and a highlight will be taking a little field trip to the animal farm,  in our neighbourhood. Clearly there’s a lot in store for our little ones at the ECC. 
We wish the new P1 class all the best in their journey of learning and enjoying themselves while at it.