ISH donates €12,000 to charity

Happy New Year, everyone and we’d like to welcome you all back with some good news! As you all know, ISH strives to deliver a well-rounded education for our students - one that neither begins nor ends in the classroom alone, which includes social, moral, and emotional growth and responsibility. Parents and teachers work closely with students to demonstrate social responsibility by raising funds through various forms of services and activities with a goal to aid the less fortunate. 

On the last assembly of the year 2017, Ms. Marly Janssen-Knapen, PTA Chairperson announced that the different fund raising events like the International Fair this year put aside 35% of the proceeds and donated €8,000 and Kids4Kids raised which raised €4,000 added up to a tidy sum of €12, 000 for charity! This was a significant increment from the 25% in the former years and donated to our regular yearly recipients presented to Ms. Gesine Walsleben for a children’s hospital, Altona Kinderkrankenhaus and Ms. Vera Ubben for Die Arche, a charity helping socially underprivileged children plus an additional two more organisations which were represented by Mr. Arik Gotthardt for Schule Hirtenweg, a school for the physically handicapped children and Dr. Frank Stehr for NCL Stiftung, a foundation that seeks to combat and care for those afflicted with childhood dementia. 










As many of us had not heard about these additional two organisations, Mr. Gotthardt took the time to introduce Schule Hirtenweg. This is one of only four schools in Hamburg that cares for and gives therapy to children with physical and motor difficulties. The NCL Stiftung representative Dr. Stehr also took time to tell us more about their foundation, which not only cares for children with dementia but sets aside a huge budget into creating awareness of the highly misunderstood childhood dementia and research for this as yet incurable disorder.

Each of them received a cheque of €3000. We would like to thank all our participants, students, parents, teachers and ISH community at large for their hard work and contribution towards these worthy causes.