ISH introduces new caterer and cafeteria

The new cafeteria furnitureThis new school year 2017/2018, ISH made an important decision to re-visit the culinary well-being of members of the community. Students, families, staff and faculty can now enjoy good hearty and healthy snacks, full meals, beverages and a great ambience in our new cafeteria served by the new caterers Hanse Help Dienstleistung (HHD).

When Dr. Cosetta Bregu presented herself and her company, ISH was impressed not only with her work ethics but her core values of internationalism, fairness, inclusion and tolerance that is the background of her experienced and well looked after workforce. They come from Italy, Albania, Ghana, Venezuela and Russia, many of them having finished courses like engineering or business studies in their former countries. They now embrace working as a team in the catering to our community needs.  HHD Cafeteria Team

The spruced up cafeteria, complete with a coffee, tea and light drinks bar, is looking brighter and welcoming and will be open from 7:45 am to 7:00 pm. Those of us rushing to school to beat the traffic in the morning can now have a healthy and affordable breakfast or have a light meal in the evenings while waiting for our very busy children involved in their sports and after-school activities. 

The new menu which is international with an Italian flair, includes both meat and vegetarian dishes, a soup of the day, salads and most exciting to students, sushi and pizza made fresh every day by the pizza chef. The Bar will serve warm panini, rolls and various sandwiches, freshly made juices and smoothies and for a good cause, the bottled water sold at no profit will benefit charities for the homeless.  Fresh sandwiches

Dr. Bregu is very excited to have taken on this immense role and her focus is to ensure that our students enjoy a healthy and happy meal every time they are in school. With a roving eye for each student, she spots a child without enough fruit or confused at what to eat and is immediately at hand to help. She will soon focus on collaborative projects with teachers involving students learning more about nutrition. Dr. Cosetta Bregu




“My vision is to someday see all international schools in Germany take on a catering company like ours, one that sources local produce, makes healthy and fresh food everyday and I invite parents of ISH to come have a chat with me and sample what we have on offer.”

Dr. Bregu is very grateful for the immense support continuing to come her way, like the Food Committee and the staff and faculty who give up their time to help with the smooth transition and running of the cafeteria during meal times as well as our donors who helped bring a new and relaxed look to the cafeteria. ISH and the community at large welcome HHD and look forward to sampling all the new and delicious foods this school year. 

HHD Cafeteria Team