Student Board

For many students, ISH becomes not only an educational institution, but also the focal point for their extra-curricular and social lives. Partcipation in the Student Board seeks to strengthen school spirit by fostering a co-operative atmosphere between students and teachers by promoting recreational and fund-raising events, such as dances and bake sales.

The Student Council consists of all enrolled students in grades 6-12, all Secondary staff and all Secondary administrators. The voting members of the Student Council are the elected Representatives (Form Presidents) from each grade.

Preamble of the Student Board Constitution

The nature of the Student Board will be defined by the following:

1.The Student Board does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, religion, or nationality.

2.The Student Board is to maintain and improve co-operation between the students and the administration, board, faculty, and parents.

3.The Student Board shall further the education process by giving students experience in leadership, administration, and public relations.

4.The meetings of the Student Board will be open to all members of the ISH community.

Mrs. Susan Cover and Mr. Andre-Karl Belair are the Student Services Co-ordinators. They also act as the Student Board Advisors. The Student Board Executive Committee is composed of a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

The voting members of the Student Board are representatives from each grade elected at the beginning of the school year. The duty of these representatives is to represent you in the Student Board Meeting held once every two weeks. If you have problems with anything concerning the school or students, don’t hesitate to speak with any Board representative. Any student is, of course, welcome to attend Student Board meetings.

The Student Board publishes a constitution which can be obtained, upon request, from any Student Board Officer. The Student Board also donates money to the school’s charities.

Students must attend a leadership weekend at the beginning of the school year if they wish to be a representative. This event lasts for a day and half and takes place at school.


André-Karl Bélair
School Counselor