Early Childhood Centre

The younger students in the Junior School, those in classes Primary 1 (age 3), Primary 2 (age 4) and Primary 3 (age 5), together form our Early Childhood Centre (ECC).

Since 2010 the Early Childhood Centre has its own section of the school building with direct access to a separate playground area. Class size is currently 20 for the primary classes. Specialist group sizes are considerably smaller.

A child coming into a Primary 1, 2, or 3 class may be experiencing a social group setting outside the home for the first time, or have had previous experience away from parents at a play group or in day care. In either case coming into a new social environment can be daunting and may require a period of adjustment before the child feels fully secure and settled. We hope to help the children broaden their horizons and develop their skills through play in a variety of ways, individually, in small or large groups as well as teacher-directed groups, but with ample provisions for children's own free play.

The primary programme includes language activities such as story, rhymes and games times, sharing and listening times, book browsing, role play and one-to-one conversations. Basic Mathematical concepts are introduced in P2 through sorting by colour, shape, size, counting games, rhymes, songs and use of construction toys and manipulatives. The children are introduced to hands-on science activities all through the year which are integrated into the curriculum. In P3 the primary curriculum takes on a more structured nature and children participate in activities in language, mathematics, science, social studies and art and craft.

Physical Education, music, library skills and ICT are also offered by specialist teachers. Play is still considered an important part of the children's development at ISH and there are many opportunities for children to experiment and learn social skills during inside and outdoor play.


Dr. Suzan Weishof
Junior School Principal

Andreas Klimkeit
Junior School Assistant Principal

Tracey Rabbitts

ECC Coordinator

Susan Gromoll
Junior School Secretary

Tel: +49 (0) 40 8000 50 124