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As an international school we promote the understanding and appreciation of others cultures through recognition of the many annual celebrations and religious observations around the globe. Here are just a few:

United Nations Week

In recognition of the importance of the work done by the United Nations and its various organisations, the school has introduced a week of celebrations to coincide with United Nations Day in October. This week culminates in a special assembly.


Children are invited to learn about the Jewish festival of light, Hanukkah through a range of fun activities, involving arts and crafts, music and cooking to name a few.

St. Nikolaus

St. Nicholas Day, in the first week of December, is a festival children enjoy in many countries of Europe. It dates back to the legend of the Saint Nikolaus and his reputation as a bringer of gifts.

Santa Lucia

The festival of Santa Lucia, otherwise know as Saint Lucy is the midwinter light festival celebrating the ‘return of the light’ as it marks the passing of the shortest day of the year. The occasion is primarily celebrated in Scandinavian counties, but festivities also take place in southern European countries such as Italy and Malta.


Diwali is predominantly a Hindu tradition, but also celebrated in the lesser-known Indian faiths of Sikhism and Jainism. Each year our Indian community gets together to bring this ‘Festival of Lights’ to us all with an amazing array of candles and plenty of delicious Indian cuisine.


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