Music is a powerful form of communication that can change the way students interact with the world around them. It brings together intellect and emotion and enables personal expression, reflection and emotional development. As an integral part of culture, past and present, music helps students understand themselves and interrelate with others.

Course Content

Grade 6–8

The middle school music programme aims to build upon the elementary music theory students acquired in the Junior School, building on the basics concepts of Notation. Further students study Rhythm, Interval & Scales, musical terms and signs, and aural training. The topic of History and Music appreciation acquaints students with the musical eras of past and present will attention given to the Music genres of the world. All grade levels contain a practical component of instrumental work and singing which culminates in an ensemble performance in the annual talent show.

Grades 9–10

The grade 9/10 music course is a preparatory course for the IB Diploma music course. The course is composed of five sections: (1) a study of prescribed works, in which students analyze the significance of work with regard to its genre, era and social context; (2) a study of musical genres and styles with respect to their musical structure and elements (harmony, rhythm, tone, etc.); (3) a musical investigation in which students prepare an written investigative work on the relationship between two identifiable and distinct musical genres from any tradition, culture or region of the world; (4) two group performances before an audience; (5) students follow music theory to Grade 5 of the Royal Schools of Music standard.

The Music programme in the secondary school aims to promote a deeper understanding of music and how it relates to society and the world. Students are taught Music Theory and General Musical Knowledge as well as about music from around the globe. Students are encouraged to present songs dealing with the ecology and social conditions in class, so as to become more socially aware through the medium of music.

The latest computer-aided recording and composing equipment has been acquired to help move the senior music department even more effectively into the technological age, enabling students record, compose, mix and edit their own music.