The IB Diploma Programme (IB DP) at ISH

The International School of Hamburg has offered the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP) since 1979. The IBDP is a highly valued and widely recognised pre-university course designed to give students optimal preparation for tertiary study, facilitate the mobility of students and to promote international understanding.

There are two ways in which students can follow the IB DP curriculum at ISH. They can become IB Diploma candidates and attempt the full programme or they can choose to study up to six individual subjects and take IB examinations (Courses) in those subjects. To qualify for the full IB Diploma, students must take six subjects: three higher level and three standard level courses. They must also complete an Extended Essay and take a course in Theory of Knowledge. Participating in CAS (Creativity, Action and Social Service) is also an essential requirement. For further information on an IB education please use the following link to the IBO website

In order to gain equivalency with a German Abitur, certain requirements must be met in terms of subject choice. Details of those requirements can be found in the Equivalency guidance of the KMK (Kultusminister Konferenz). For an overview in English, please have a look at the full list of Country recognition statements on the IBO Website. Scroll down to  “Germany” to find the “Agreement on the recognition of the International Baccalaureate Diploma”. 

The International School of Hamburg is a non-selective school though we do use testing results to help advise and make the best subject and level placements for students.  Subject departments also make recommendations for students to help with subject choices.

Students at ISH come from across the ability range and we are extremely proud of the results our students achieve.  In 2016 14 % of the cohort achieved between 40 and 45 points (11% in 2015).  In 2016 and 2015 an individual student achieved a perfect 45 points. Less than 1% of global IBDP candidates achieve this.

However we are equally proud of the achievements of those students who do not take the full IB Diploma. We offer expert further education guidance for all our students. Our graduates go on to study at many of the finest universities around the world.

We strive to meet the wishes of students in terms of subject choice and (subject to sufficient demand). We usually offer the following subjects at Diploma level.

Students are able to take six subjects from the list below in varying combinations depending on the interests of a particular cohort:

English Literature A: Higher and Standard
English Language and Literature A: Higher and Standard
English B: Higher and Standard
German A Literature: Higher and Standard
German A Language & Literature: Higher and Standard
German B:  Higher, Standard and Ab Initio (Standard)
French B: Higher and Standard
Spanish B: Higher and Standard
Mathematics Higher
Mathematics Standard Level
Mathematics Studied Standard Level
Biology: Higher and Standard
Chemistry: Higher and Standard
Physics: Higher and Standard
Geography: Higher and Standard
History: Higher and Standard
Economics: Higher and Standard
Environmental Systems and Societies: Standard Level only
Visual Arts: Higher and Standard
Theatre Arts: Higher and Standard

We also offer the opportunity to take your native language as Language A course through our Mother Tongue Programme.