Learning Support

Student learning support services are focused on strengthening academic skills within the context of a student’s emotional, social, and cognitive development. Our students are encouraged to take control of their learning and grow in independence and self-advocacy.  The level of support varies as a student matures and the curriculum demands change. Our approach is assessment driven.  We begin with a thorough investigation of the student’s strengths and weaknesses and then build an individualized program. For younger children with specific learning difficulties, direct remedial instruction is offered using structured, systematic lessons that include multi-sensory techniques. Gifted students are supported through the development of breadth and depth of their classroom curriculum.

Learning Support Services

  • Assess special educational needs
  • Develop an appropriate educational plan
  • Provide remedial and academic support
  • Consult with both parents and teachers
  • Monitor and report on student progress
  • Observe students in a learning environment
  • Recommend effective teaching techniques 
  • Coordinate with outside academic programs
  • Facilitate referrals for outside medical screening
  • Facilitate referrals for outside speech and occupational therapy
  • Apply for inclusive arrangements for external exams for identified SEN students
  • Screen prospective students with suspected learning difficulties


Jonathan D'Amico
Head of Student Support Services

Tel.: +49 (0)40 8000 50 185

Members of Learning Support

Jonathan D'Amico 

Jessica Bates

Catherine McNaughton

Terence Lee