Why ISH?

Before making a decision for or against ISH, we would like you to consider the following:

  1. The International School of Hamburg is a non-profit organisation. This means we are under no pressure from shareholders or investors and therefore free to focus on providing the best educational experience we can.
  2. Our Mission & Values statement is not just a statement of intent. It is very much alive and guides us in making good, sustainable decisions that benefit the education and well being of your children as well as the management and development of the school.
  3. ISH was the very first international school to open its doors in Germany. We have been gathering experience in international education and in addressing the needs and concerns of internationally minded families since 1957. This know how warrants a level of excellence, eases many of the burdens associated with moving your family to Hamburg and ensures a pleasant start into the school year.
  4. To this day, ISH remains the only Council of International Schools-accredited organisation in Hamburg. Accordingly, no local school offers the same level of diversity among staff and students. So if you want your children to become - or remain - citizens of the world, the International School of Hamburg is the place to be. They will be joining a community of nations with a truly special spirit.
  5. With the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and the International Baccalaureate (IB), ISH provides two standardised education systems that are tailor-made for families living a global lifestyle and held in high esteem by leading universities around the globe.
  6. ISH is the only school in Hamburg that offers the IPC and was decades ahead of others by introducing the IB Diploma Programme as early as 1978. Not least, we were Hamburg’s first school to offer the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) in 2013. Our knowledge of the ins and outs of these programmes is extensive. This will considerably smoothen your children’s paths to the IB Diploma and ultimately to the universities of their choice.
  7. English is the language of globalisation and more and more jobs require fluency. We are the only school in Hamburg with an all-English curriculum and the vast majority of our teachers are native speakers. So if your want your children to gain or master English skills, the International School of Hamburg is the logical choice for you. Our language programmes EAL and MT ensure that non-native English speakers and their mother tongues will thrive as well.
  8. Naturally the language programmes are only one aspect of the support offered at ISH: Through Pastoral, Learning, and Personal Support, and a PTA-driven Welcome Programme we ensure that your children are well taken care of and are able to develop their full potential.
  9. There is more to education than sitting over books. At ISH, your children can take part in the Intramural or the NECIS Sports Programme, which is a grouping of 10 international schools from Northwest Europe that compete with each other in a variety of disciplines. ISH also lays claim to excellent Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Music Enrichment Programmes.
  10. Our main facilities were built as recently as 2010, expanded in 2015 and leave nothing to be desired. Be it our 3 state-of-the-art sports halls, the well-equipped fitness gym, the large outdoor soccer pitch, the two exciting outdoor playgrounds, the impressive 400-seat auditorium or our extensive 45.000+ materials library – learning is more fun and effective when all the facilities are in place and in great condition.
  11. Most important of all, looking at our current students and alumni we are proud to see responsible, open-minded future and current members of our global community who develop their full potential. We’d love to see your children join their ranks and benefit from an enduring network that will prove invaluable in their later lives.

Still not convinced? Have a look at what our alumni and their parents say about us.

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